Nicaragua Facility

Command Medical Products Nicaragua Medical Device Manufacturing Facility
After the initial commencement of Command’s new medical device manufacturing plant in Managua, Nicaragua in September of 2005, the facility is going strong with favorable responses from the marketplace. “Opening this new manufacturing facility has allowed us to grow our core business at both locations” explained current President and owner, David T. Slick, Sr. during a recent presentation he provided at the Volusia Manufacturing Association monthly meeting.

The Nicaragua facility is located in an ideal spot just outside the Managua airport in the country’s largest Free Trade Zone. The plant is currently running with all but one of the originally hired staff employed over a year ago which speaks to the incredibly stable labor market.

Drawing on the benefits of the competitive labor environment, Command is now able to participate in the high volume, cost sensitive stages of the product lifecycle. With both facilities working together, Command is now positioned to take products from clinical trials through product introduction and ramp up phases. As products transition to higher volumes, the facilities and staffing are prepared to manage those transitions with the process changes associated with each phase of production.

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