Tube Extrusion

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Thanks to our own specially designed, computer-controlled medical tube extrusion lines, Command produces a wide variety of medical tubing products. Command extrudes thermal bonded paratubing, single and multi-lumen tubing and bubble tubing.  These types of tubes can be packaged in cut-lengths, coils or hubless coils to best suit your needs.

Extruding our own medical tubing allows us to control the quality and monitor the supply of tubing used in your device

Beyond medical tube extrusion, Command Medical Products provides a number of downstream processes to build complete assemblies straight off the extrusion line.

Tube Extrusion Process

Custom Printing and Bar Coding
Co-extrusion (Striping)
Eye Tipping

Medical Product Examples
IV Tubing Sets
Nasogastric Tubes
Peristaltic Pump Tube Sets
Extension Sets
Suction Tubing
Extruded Tube Materials
PVC (non-DEHP)
Polypropylene (PP)