Assembly & Packaging

Command Medical Assembly and Packaging Medical DevicesCommand Medical Assembly

Our meticulously trained personnel utilize highly-refined processes and techniques to efficiently complete the final critical step in the manufacturing of each product. Custom packaging solutions enable Command to provide efficient “dock-to-stock” services for a multitude of sterile and non-sterile medical devices, easily accommodating a variety of requirements. To save our customers even more time and money, Command will also gladly coordinate the purchasing, assembly and packaging of components from various vendors.


Solvent Bonding
UV Cure Adhesive Bonding
Friction Fit Assembly
Tipping, Punching and Flanging
Pad Printing
Ultrasonic Welding


Blister Sealing
Bulk Packaging
Kit Packing
Pouch Sealing
Custom Trays
EtO Sterilization Management
Gamma Sterilization Management

Product Examples

Administration Sets
Dialysis Blood Lines
Lavage Systems
Micro- and Mini-bore Extension Sets
Nasogastric Catheters
Winged Infusion Sets
Suction Connection Tubing
Urinary Catheters
Custom Devices