Radio Frequency Welding

Command Medical RF Welded Bags

Whatever the product, the RF welding and impulse sealing capabilities at Command provide the medical device industry with one of the most reliable bag manufacturing facilities available. Command manufactures medical-grade fluid containment products and medical disposables for virtually any application. Command also offers silkscreening and hot stamping to ensure the flawless application of graduations, logos, information criteria and other critical items.


Product Examples
  • Blood Bags
  • Collection Bags
  • Drainage Bags
  • Fluid Bags
  • Irrigation Bags
  • IV Bags
  • Reagent Bags
  • Oxygen Bags
  • Pressure Cuffs
  • Reservoir Bags
  • Suction Sets Waste Bags
  • Wound Suction Devices
  • Single Use Bio-Process Containers & Bags